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Aquatic Plants Master List

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The purpose of the Aquatic Plants Master List is to provide hobbyists with up-to-date taxonomic information about plants currently cultivated in the aquarium hobby. The principle objective is to have a database entry for each unique cultivar of plant currently found in the hobby, which details print and web references where further information about the species can be found. It is possible to attach a common name (Baby's Tears for Micranthemum umbrosum), older incorrect binomial (Nomaphila polysperma for Hygrophila polysperma), or commonly mistaken similar species (Gratiola sp. and Limnophila aromatica) to each of these principle entries. The goal is to encourage the use of proper scientific names and identify "new imports" which are really existing species with names purposely changed to create interest. Each unique entry in the database is association with a Plant ID #, which will always remain unique, even if the accepted species name changes.

I hope this list may be of some interest and benefit to the AGA and the public. It would be ideal to assemble an advisory board of interested hobbyists who would be responsible for making decisions about the principle entries in this list (for example to merge two species into a single entry). Common name entries would be suggested by the public and subject to minor review, as including more possible common names introduces few problems. Major taxonomic shifts, such as changing the Eustralis genus to Pogostemon should be voted on by the advisory board.

The page you are reading is generated from a MySQL database. It is relatively easy to extend this website to allow for hobbyist feedback about certain species, pictures, culture information, etc. The list contains entries from the following sources:

  • KSLMN: "Aquarium Plants" by Christel Kasselmann
  • TRN03: Tropica Website as of 11/21/2003