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Rockytop.net is devoted to aquariums, hiking, photography, and assorted computer related topics. The articles section of this website has a wide varity of articles, ranging from fishroom construction to mail server setup. The gallery is a showcase of our most recent photographic work, and the links section outlines the many websites that we have found useful.

4-19-2007 Moved hosting companies and updated the site. Some hike reports from last summer's trip to the White Mountains are coming soon.

11-26-2006 With an increasing amount of spam reaching my inbox and the need to have my email accessible from multiple computers, I decided to setup a personal IMAP server running on Fedora Core 5. Also, the site has undergone yet another redesign to move the focus away from solely aquariums to highlight our recent backpacking trips.

02-11-2006 With a new Nikon D200, calibrated monitor, and digital darkroom, some initial attempts at fine photography are available in the gallery. If you would like to discuss any of these photos, Jeff is a regular reader of the Aquatic Photography and Aquatic Gardeners Association forums. The site also got a major facelift, green seems like a more appropriate color theme.

05-11-2005 Hosting upgrade, things should be moving a lot faster now.

05-01-2005 A new article on hatching brine shrimp is available. We feed brine shrimp to just about everything we keep, from fry to our coral tank. It is an easy way to integrate live foods into your routine.

04-30-2005 Major overhaul of the website, the content is the same but all pages are now XHTML 1.0 strict compliant. Formatting is now based on CSS and hopefully the site is rendering a little better for everyone.

11-19-2004 Back from the AGA conference, I had a wonderful time. Links section given a large overhaul, I am now no longer listing commerical sites and am restricting new entries to informational websites and hobbyist/club sites. If you see something that I may have missed please let me know and I'll add it as soon as possbile.

6-29-2004 Personal wiki added, this contains personal bookmarks and random information unrelated to aquaculture.

5-17-2004 Have a plant you want to keep but it doesn't fit in your aquascape? Why not try growing it emersed? After seeing Luis Navarro setup in Houston, I've been inspired to give it a try. Also, the wiki has been removed from the site to make maintenance a little easier.

3-27-2004 An article on our 10 tank mini-fishroom has been posted. Overall it was a lot of fun to setup and has been pretty much trouble free. The article has some pictures and pointers that will hopefully be of help to someone looking to setup a similar system.

12-06-2003 An inital draft of the Aquatic Plants Master List has been added. The database currently has 378 unique aquarium cultivars and 77 common names. Emails requesting changes are most welcome, especically the addition of common names.

09-27-2003 Complete overhaul and redesign of website. Added Aquatic Plants Wiki (removed), a collaboratively edited website devoted to the culture of aquarium plants. The DIY article on building a hood and stand for a 29 gallon aquarium is now online again.

12-15-2002 29 Gallon Stand and Hood article is now online. I am very pleased with the results and would encourage others to try this simple project.