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  • IMAP on FC5: With an increasing amount of spam reaching my inbox and the need to have my email accessible from multiple computers, I decided to setup a personal IMAP server running on Fedora Core 5.
  • Hatching Brine Shrimp: Brine shrimp are an easy way to start with live foods. Great for conditioning breeders and rearing fry, you'll also find that even your reef tank enjoys a light weekly feeding.
  • Emersed Setup: Growing aquarium plants emersed is a fun an easy way to avoid collectoritis. Some plants will only flower when grown emersed and many grow much faster. All you need is a windowsill and some plastic shoeboxes to get started.
  • Mini-Fishroom: I think we finally have enough tanks! This article shows you our 10 tank setup and gives some pointers if you are thinking about putting some tanks on racks.
  • 29 Gallon Stand and Hood: I finally mustered up enough DIY confidence to build something structural.  The article contains detailed drawings of my design.  Being a woodworking duffer, I am very pleased with the results and would encourage others to try this.